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Charity No: 1171851

Emerge - verb: to move out of, or away from something and become visible / to recover from or survive a difficult situation

Origin: Latin - to become known, to come to light

Advocacy - noun: responding as one called alongside, bringing peace, speaking truth

Origin: Latin - to call to one's aid in a time of need

Emerge Projects

Our youth workers support young people attending A&E because of self-harm or a suicide attempt.


Follow up

Our experienced team provide up to 3 months follow up for young people we've met in hospital.



Need to understand more about self-harm, suicide & the relationship between the two?  Let our training and workshops give you insight.



Need an Emerge Project in your local hospital? 

We can help make that happen!

"I feel like a weight has been lifted,

i have a new lease of life. I just want to get focused on the positive things.

I'm thankful for what you guys do."